Internship with fashionoffice:: journalism and market research


Internship with fashionoffice

fashionoffice offers students following internship

positions: journalism and market research

Online journalism or virtual market research use similar tools like print magazines or offline research. Students with skill

JOURNALISM (2 months)

You do>You have a natural talent for the beautiful things in life and studied the history of costumes, fashion theory, and fashion communication as well. You are educated about the responsibility of a journalist in influencing opinion and about the role of mass media in the construction of reality. For your work you plan to use your talent and your knowledge to collect and edit information your readers are searching for. Welcome to fashionoffice!

 You get>We will discuss with you proposals for your editorial work and you get the chance to measure the resonance of the readers to your articles in fashionoffice.

RESEARCH (one project, 2-6 months)

You do>You are aware that fashion trends are products of the interplay between producers and consumers. With your skills in market research (qualitative and quantitative studies, interpretation with SPSS) you can detect them “somewhere before the surprise of smell”.

You get>We will offer you the opportunity to prove your market researcher qualities in fashionoffice. The theme, design of the study, field work, and the interpretation of the data will be worked out in collaboration with fashionoffice.


Send your curriculum vitae and a short description of the projects you plan to realize during intern with fashionoffice to All correspondence and your internship will happen online via email.

 About fashionoffice:

1996 one of the first online fashion magazines worldwide. The magazine publishes international multi-media content exclusively online. The visitors of fashionoffice are characterized by a strong, collective lifestyle beyond national and cultural borders Europe 41%; Asia 30%; America 25%; Oceania/Africa 4%

63,2% female, 36,8% male


The median age of the fashionoffice reader is 25,48 (beauty related sections 27,95):

<14: 2,691%

14-19: 27,680%

20-29: 44,683%

30-39: 13,907%

40-49: 7,716%

50>: 3,319%



AIFL fashion on the Front Page of today’s Sun-Sentinel Lifestyle Section

This article appeared on the Front Page of today’s Sun-Sentinel Lifestyle Section, continues on 2E. Congratulations to Andre West, Mariella Adrian, and all the fashion students and alumni who participated in this fabulous event!

Sun-Sentinel Lifestyle Section

Breast Cancer Fashion Show

Hey ladies and gents! There is a great opportunity to put your creativity to use and show it off!! There is a Breast Cancer Fashion Show being held at the Hard Rock Casino as a part of Fashion Week and they need flirty-funky dresses between the sizes of 6-8. Each dress needs some level of pink in it, preferably the Breast Cancer Ribbon pink. These garments need to be completed by the end of the quarter and turned in to Sheila. Please use this great opportunity to your advantage to get your garments shown and recognized!!

by Maegan Mcgovern editor in chief

Fashion:Latinas Celebrate Style and Distinction

Mrs. AdrianBy Melanie De Vito

The 6th Annual Hispanic Women of Distinction Charity Luncheon was held on Friday, August 17, at the Signature Grand to honor outstanding Latinas in the South Florida community and, for the second consecutive year, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale fashion show was a tremendous hit.

Proudly showcasing their unique designs on the runway and being inspired by their own Hispanic heritage, seven of AiFL’s Fashion Design students were highlighted during the afternoon’s festivities. With famously festive Latin music jazzing up the ballroom and exciting the crowd of over 900 and with faculty instructor Mariella Adrian providing commentary, students Vivian Ruiz, Kyra Jachode, Ana Rodriguea, Jorge Alor, and Nicole Arellano, and graduates Sheila Rodriguez and Maria Solis, showcased their creative collections on the runway.

In addition to the full page complimentary ad and acknowledgmentLatinas Celebrate Style and Distinction

The designer’s collections were each inspired by their very own Hispanic roots. Kyra Jachode, a native of Puerto Rico, incorporated her country’s unique organic landscaping into her garments. “I wanted to create a collection that integrated the natural beauty of the countryside with the youthful flare of the city life,” said Jachode. Her collection featured empire waistlines, bellowing silhouettes, pleating detailing, unique shirring, and smocking effects.

“Many of us live in South Florida because of its diversity and bringing students together from different parts of the world to work on a project like this really shows that the community can not be divorced from its surroundings,” said Andre West, Program Chair for Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising.

in the event program, promotional cards featuring the college’s designers and Passion for Fashion competition were placed on all the tables.




Hispanic Women of Distinction put on fashion show on the Sun-Sentinel

Fashion show:

Hispanic Women of Distinction put on fashion show on the Sun-Sentinel website !!

 wacth  the video: 

employment Jobs for the week of August 20th

Jobs for the week of August 20th from Ms. Szymanski posted on the employment page. see the page and contact Ms. Szymanski if you have any questions