Simon Mall

On Saturday, August 28th, Simon Mall at Boca Town Center hosted multiple fashion shows, one of which was “The Design Wars” that featured garments from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale’s design students. The objective of this show was that each student would compete against each other to win the votes of the judges and those in the crowd. Prior to the event, the Container Store reached out to the fashion director Sheila Walden and fashion design instructor Chrisa Tatakis. The Container Store collaborated with students to create garments from the stores materials. The Container Store gave each student designer a $250 gift card and Simon Mall gave a $50 gift card for fabric.
The show began at noon. After the models walked the runway, each designer spoke about their garment with Ellen Korelitz, director of marketing at Simon Mall, which enabled the audience to understand the designer’s creation’s for what inspired the look. The designers also listed all the materials they used. Following the finale, all the models proceeded to the foot court where they stood on pedestals allowing the audience to judge the designs. The first place winner received a $250 gift card, the second place winner received a $100 and the fan favorite received $150.
First place went to Nathan Carter, Second place went to Jacob Morales and Fan Favorite went to Jazmyn Clay. Nathan used a gold wire metallic ribbon, acrylic plate stands, small garment hooks, a beaded grip liner, a green wrap protective pack, a large pebbles sink mat, a pro-grip shelf liner, and a zig-zig drawer and shelf liner. Jacob Morales used square lacquered white boxes, a large handled case cover, and a round natural brown Tahiti bowl. Jazmin Clay used a small round Makati box, a round abaca bowl, and an extendable ostrich feather duster.


Designer: Nathan Carter – First Prize

Model: Shamana


Designer: Jacob Morales – Second Prize

Model: Celina Rosa


Designer: Jazmyn Clay – People’s Choice

Model: Deborah Sukar


Designers: Gerald Thompson, Sindy Posdzich, Autumn Harris, Pablo Cruz, Megan Francis, Jazmyn Clay

Models: Anastasia Haus, Candle Williams, Rebecca Newton, Laura Labeto, Marissa Tatakis, Deborah Sukar

Text by Candle Williams


Not My Daughter

On October 14, 2013 The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Fashion Honors Program under the direction of Sheila Walden, Department Chair, and Chrisa Tatakis, Fashion Design Instructor, put together a fashion show for the organization Not My Daughter, Find a Cure Now. This event was this organization’s fourth annual Shopping Boutique and Luncheon at the Heron Bay Marriott. Not My Daughter, Find a Cure Now is a non-profit organization and is hosted by local women who have been personally affected by breast cancer. Their wish is simple: eradicate the disease so we never have to endure the pain and uncertainty of breast cancer like so many have before.
The project manager for the event was Ashley Duch from the Honors Program. The fashion show featured designs from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale students and alumni: Megan Francis, Jean-Baptiste Riviere, Jasmin Clay, Julia Reyes and chosen children’s wear designers. Along with the fashion show the school was asked to design a scarf for the event to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. There were many submissions and the perfect one was chosen. The designer of the scarf was Marissa Tatakis. At the event the scarves sold out and the Honors Class is pleased to announce we will be making more for the cause.


Photographer: Humberto Vidal

Designer: Jean Baptist

Model: Kelly Patino


Photographer: Humberto Vidal

Designer: Jean Baptist

Model: Marissa Tatakis


Photographer: Humberto Vidal

AIFL Honors Students

Text by: Ashley Duch