Spectrum Swimwear Fashion Show

On February 22, 2014, C & I Studios hosted the Spectrum Swimwear Fashion Show, which showcased 20 swimsuits designed by The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale student and alumni designers- Alexandra Grief of Montce, Mitchell Perry of Arka Veena, Kelly de Gannes, Alisson Everett, and Alexandra Diaz. Organized by the Fashion Honors Group, Project Manager Colleen Cooper, Fashion Instructor Chrisa Tatakis, and Fashion Director Sheila Walden Spectrum stole the spotlight despite numerous simultaneous events within FAT Village and C & I Studios.

The show started and the crowd poured in. The live DJ provided the soundtrack and the crowd bussed with excitement when the first models strutted down the runway. The audience took picture after picture, as our 10 beautiful models lined up for the big finale. It was clear that the audience really enjoyed the show. The energy and the atmosphere created a positive attitude that made a great night and very successful show.

The Fashion Honors Group sends their thanks to C & I Studios for their help and efforts in hosting a fantastic evening and to the talented designers, models, and staff that made the evening unforgettable.

Written by: Colleen Cooper, Editor: Ben Ruby


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