Alberto Arroyo Blob


Name: Vices: A Love Story (a contemporary musical) Description (left to right): Chocolate and silver lame trapeze dress, Silver sequence tail jacket and silver lame pants, white tulle ball gown and chocolate and silver lame trapeze dress. Inspiration: Hershey's candy bar fantasy


AIFL fashion club proudly presents a Fashion Design Alumni whose designs have come a long way throughout the South Florida theatrical industry. Alberto Arroyo graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a passion for costume design. After finishing school he pursued his dream and started designing for many theatrical plays and entertainment companies such as Florida Grand Opera, PGT Entertainment and Caldwell Theatre.

Name of the play: The Voysey Inheritance (1905) Description of garments (Left to right): evening gowns in lace, brocade, Taffeta and silk. Inspiration: Edwardian Period and Gibson Girl

You might have recognized his work in Caldwell theatrical plays such as Frost/ Nixon, Dangerous, Something’s Afoot, Vices: A Love Story, The whipping Man, The Voysey Inheritance, Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll and Hyde Play, The Old Man and the Sea and Distracted.

Alberto got nominated for a Carbonell Award in the category of Best Costume Design and that was selected “Best Theatrical Costume Design” of 2010 by The New Times Broward/ Palm Beach in their edition of Best of 2010.

Keep up the great job Alberto!

Name of play: Somethings A' Foot (a musical 1935) Description of garments (left to right): Yellow cotton embroidery afternoon dress, wool plaid skirt suit, royal blue back crepe satin evening gown and the maid, black cotton dress with white cotton apron. Inspiration: England 1935 and Agatha Cristie's murder mysteries.


by Deborah Lindenfeld