Costume Fashion show : photography and commentary by Rachel Perry

In addition to our report from The Broward Leadership Foundation fashion show posted on this blog we present today overview of the event by Rachel Perry. Rachel is not only participated in the event as a makeup artist but she photographed during the event and she wrote an article about the show ( she is so versatile!!! :))

So please read Rachel’s essay and enjoy photos by her. Thank you Rachel!!!

Marie Antoinette style costumesModel : Jennifer Bucnik. Designer : Kafi Roberts.

The event’s Royal theme was complete with red carpet, horn players greeting guests as they arrived, string quartet, and even the Queen herself!

The 18th century created by Mrs. Ivanova’s costume class fit fabulously into the theme.Marie Antoinette style costumes

Model : Linda Larson. Designer : Kafi Roberts

The models doubled as mannequins-standing stone-still, only occasionally changing positions. This, combined with the whimsical dresses, and perfectly executed make-up, one would have thought he or she was looking at a masterpiece painting from the 1700’s.
Vanessa Victores. Designer : Kellye Bergin

Model : Vanessa Victores. Designer : Kellye Bergin

The guests were clearly impressed, taking pictures and talking excitedly about the show. Overall, the theme and music paired with the Art Institute students creations gave the feel of stepping back in time. Cheers!

Rachel Perry



Models: Jennifer Bucnik, Yulia Klintsevich, Linda Larson , Jesennia Nehin, Vanessa Victores, Donna Bien-Aime, Sara Leone and costume class instructor in charge Mrs. Ivanova


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