Las Olas Wine and Food Festival

Another one bites the bullet” Andre West stated as the Fashion Show ended and the eye candy descended on the streets of Las Olas Blvd.


This was our fifth year with the Wine and Food Festivities and to tell you the truth our talent is like wine the older we get the better it produce.


Among some of the designs were The Dear Sweet Cupcake Dress designed by Christian Tinson and the Marshmallow Fondue dress Designed by Lorena Pires that placed first place. The garments all were crafted to resemble a food or to have some type of food included in the garments. The show was a success. We look forward to next year’s showing.

by Sheila Rodriguez


AIFL fashion on the Front Page of today’s Sun-Sentinel Lifestyle Section

This article appeared on the Front Page of today’s Sun-Sentinel Lifestyle Section, continues on 2E. Congratulations to Andre West, Mariella Adrian, and all the fashion students and alumni who participated in this fabulous event!

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