DJ Irie competition

I really hope that everyone interested in participating in the DJ Irie competition was at the meeting; however, if you could not make it, here is some key information for you to get everything done in time:

The competition between the four DJ’s will be held in October in Miami and is sponsored by Redbull. There are four schools designing and creating the garments that their official DJ will be wearing so it’s not only a competition between DJ’s but also between the schools’ fashion departments! It is defiantly time to show what we can do! That means we all need to work extra hard together and design a hot outfit for Irie and four more for the female models equaling five in total. These garments need to represent Irie not only as a DJ, but also who he is and what he likes.

A brief bio on Irie is he was born in St. Croix, and is a local to Miami. He was voted 2005’s Best Club DJ by the Miami New Times, is an official DJ to Jamie Foxx as well as the 2006 NBA World Champion Miami HEAT (He even has his own HEAT jersey!). He spins at numerous well-known clubs internationally and when we met with him at the meeting he showed he is a really easy-going guy that can joke around and have a good time; always a smile on his face.

To enter the competition you must have your designs turned into Mrs. Adrian by August 28 and once the winner is chosen by DJ Irie himself, as a group we will begin working on making the garments as a team. If you have any questions ask Mrs. Adrian, who is in charge of the project.

by Maegan McGovern

editor in chief