Neiman Marcus Illustration Event

On Saturday, March 12th, three of our students attended the Neiman Marcus Prom Event at the Boca Town Center Mall. Narish Maraj, Jessica Frey, and Jill Wojciechowski went to celebrate the excited bustle of high school girls picking out their prom dresses by lending their unique talents.

Any girl who purchased a gown during the event was rewarded with a stylized fashion illustration of herself wearing the new dress. Although the event started off slow, several fabulous drawings were eventually done. The young, stylish shoppers were ecstatic to receive such a special bonus.

Guests and employees alike were intrigued by all of the art supplies and were constantly coming over to compliment the illustrators’ work. Narish, Jessica, and Jill would laugh at how frequently people commented that drawings from art students were much better than their own “stick figure” artwork.

All in all, the event was a lot of fun and all participants had a great time. A big thanks goes out to our talented illustrators for helping to make the countdown to prom night all the more thrilling. Also, we would like to sincerely thank Neiman Marcus for inviting us to take part in their annual Prom Event!

By Jillian Wojciechowski

Narish and Jill illustrating beautiful gowns.

Narish and Jill illustrating beautiful gowns.