Las Olas Wine and Food Festival

Another one bites the bullet” Andre West stated as the Fashion Show ended and the eye candy descended on the streets of Las Olas Blvd.


This was our fifth year with the Wine and Food Festivities and to tell you the truth our talent is like wine the older we get the better it produce.


Among some of the designs were The Dear Sweet Cupcake Dress designed by Christian Tinson and the Marshmallow Fondue dress Designed by Lorena Pires that placed first place. The garments all were crafted to resemble a food or to have some type of food included in the garments. The show was a success. We look forward to next year’s showing.

by Sheila Rodriguez


Dress like Beyonce Contest . Obsessed

obsessed_poster_3The Dress like Beyonce Competition was held on April 23, 2009 the evening of the screening of the Obsessed movie starting Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter and Idris Elba. The movie is basically a remake of fatal attraction with a crazy twist.


The fashion Students of Aifl were challenged to make or style garments that Beyonce Knowles would wear. Among those student designers were Brandy Harris, Sheila Rodriguez and Alinne Netto. The garments and models were judged by the crowd. In first place came Brandy Harris. His garments are now being displayed in the window on the right hand side of the elevators. Thank you very much to all participating students.


by  Sheila Rodriguez

2007 year summary

Hello my fellow blog readers!

The year is almost over and it is a perfect time to make a summary of our progress during this year.

During this year we switched our blog from Blogger to WordPress platform. By doing that we practically initiated a new blog. So , how did we do? See it for yourselves:

Starting from July 10th we got:

Total Views: 6,318 (!!!)

Best Day Ever: 292 views (!!!)

Posts: 30

Comments: 17

Categories: 60

One of our new features on the blog was an online fashion club membership application. We received 118 online applications for club membership through the blog starting from July 10th 2007 and all of them were processed. So, we got 100+ (!!!) new club members since July 10th.

We got a recognition among global web community!!!

During that short period of time our blog was ranked by Google and receive rank 4 which is a very reputable and solid rank in the web world. In comparison, the page rank of our school’s website is 6. We are not there yet, but considering that we have only a blog, not a multi page website and our blog is a 6-month-old baby it is an excellent result. I would expect that we will reach our school’s website level of web recognition reflected in a page rank by the end of the next year!!! Does anybody have any doubts about that?

To get you an idea about how high the page rank of 4 is just keep in mind that page rank of such a reputable organization as Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale – MOAFL is 5. It means they just one step beyond our level. And we are just getting started!!! Do not know what page rank is? Read this

Thank you all who submitted articles and materials to the blog and I am looking forward to see your input in the progress of our blog during the 2008 year.

Andre Milman

Blog’s administrator