The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale . Fashion Department. Fashion Club Membership application.:

If you are The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale student or The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale alumni and you want to be a member of the AIFL Fashion Club, then please join Fashion Club’s page on Facebook


11 Responses

  1. hey im new

  2. Hello,

    I would like to become a member of the fashion club. I filled this form out before but I never received anything.

  3. Myka ! I did not receive your form could you please fill out the form again? I will process you application again.

  4. Im having truble getting my membership to the fashion club. i dont think i got it right the last time i tryed. am i missing something. pleas help.

  5. Jennifer !
    (edit) could you please fill out the form one more time ? I will take a look what is going on

  6. i am not receiving any emails… i dont know if i got the membership right…


  7. Hi lucypalacios!
    Did you check your personal yahoo profile settings?
    it looks like you set them up ” to do not receive emails” . So, go to your yahoo profile and re-check your settings
    if any questions or problems then see me in school ( check my schedule on the door of the room # 331)
    or send me email
    otherwise see you in yahoo forum 🙂

  8. hello. I have photography classes but i want to join this club

  9. Hi!how i can be a member of this club while am not an alumni nor a student and how can i study in fashion designing course?How much and how can you invite me?Am residing in Jeddah Saudi Arabia but my nationality is Filipino from the country of Philippines.


  11. hi im trying to find the facebook fashion club website or link if someone can please send it to me thank you

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